About Us

Our Mission

Our mission consists in pursuing the goals set by your company, as a service partner, to go the extra mile for you, to develop and build new contacts, businesses and markets in an international context.

Who we are

We are living in an world becoming more and more interconnected. Establishing contacts and relationships is getting easier. New media of communication allows us to create new business relationships in forums, platforms, fairs …,however also quality requirements and complexity are steadily increasing.

We offer small and medium-sized companies to support you in the process of international business development and mediation, in order to resolve conflicts and to select in a focused manner your appropriate business partners.

The capability to communicate in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English represents an essential asset to establish successfully contacts and develop a trusting business relationship.

We can rely on several years of international experience in Africa, Europe – France and Latin America – in Mexico. Based on our international working experience and numerous business trips, trade fairs, seminars and years of working abroad, we are well-versed in building new intercultural and business bridges.


We have acquired a longstanding international qualification in research institutes, in multinational companies, but also in particular with start-ups, small and medium-sized companies in various operational and strategic functions in order to successfully support your business development.
As an international technical sales & marketing expert, we are concentrating on the industrial areas of renewable energy, in particular solar thermal and PV solar.
In addition, we also actively work in the business fields of agricultural sciences, cosmetic and chemical raw materials, polymers and adhesives.

We are looking forward to receiving your request, in order to provide you on a case to case basis with our customized services according to your business needs.